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Outline for a Board Retreat

Many chapter boards have found it helpful to "get away" once in a while for bit of long-term planning and reflection. The outline below is not a list of things that must be done, but a series of hints and prompts that you may consider — a starting point to stimulate your own planning process.


Prior to the Retreat

  1. President or Co-Presidents plan retreat goals, targets, and timing
  2. Look online at the President’s check list
  3. Governance section on the ASMP web site
  4. Send a request for ideas in advance of board retreat to chapter leaders
  5. Set a meeting agenda with specific time limits
    • Time to visualize, dream, discuss
    • Call to action — wrap up
  6. Send chapter leaders a copy of the Chapter By-laws and ask them to read it
  7. Distribution of duties and responsibilities
  8. Review the ASMP Strategic Plan — the road map
    • Consider printing this out for each board member. Go over the mission statement, our history, external trends, critical issues, and goals.
    • Plan on discussing this briefly during the early part of the retreat to reinforce the ASMP mission.
    • Create binder to help each board member and officer organize, with room for items that will help everyone stay on mission and on track. Customize each binder for the role of each board member.
  9. Scheduling
    • Possible Friday night dinner for board bonding
    • Saturday — all day session
    • Sunday (if needed) — wrap up


The Retreat

President’s Message

Goals, targets, plans, chapter strengths, challenges and objectives: 10-15 minutes
Ice Breaker introductions — getting to know you: 20-30 minutes


ASMP Strategic Plan

Hand out copies and discuss: 5-10 minutes


Chapter By-Laws: 30 minutes


Board Member responsibilities

  1. Knowing the bylaws
  2. Responsibilities of Chapter Leaders



President/Co-Presidents: responsibilities

  • Delegation of responsibilities to the officers and board members


Treasurer: responsibilities

  1. Reporting requirements both chapter leaders & national
  2. Issue Treasurer reports at every meeting
  3. Financial reports to national office on a quarterly basis
  4. Collections from sponsors, members, etc.
  5. Advise national office of any potential issues or concerns
  6. Major contracts: $3000 limit. If there is need, check with national staff for approval
  7. Central banking
  8. Voucher needs and reports


Membership Chair responsibilities

  1. Create a membership growth and tracking plan
  2. Delegate greeters at meetings to meet with new members and possibly set up mentorship connects
  3. Distribute newsletters to local educational photography departments, retail stores along with any announcements
  4. Build list of active members, volunteers, prospective members, educational contacts, etc.
  5. Build an assistant training committee
  6. Establish a list of potential volunteers
  7. Establish a membership committee 2-3 & delegate (future leaders)


Outreach Chair

  1. Set up an outreach plan for chapter board approval and proceed
    • Community, University and Art School Photography Departments
    • Establish contacts and build active chapter relations with the above areas
    • Community contacts including pro-retail contacts
  2. Work in concert with Board, communications and membership
  3. Set up, schedule and present seminars & presentations to local educational Photography departments, possibly explore approaching camera clubs to convert “hobbyists” into exploring career, professionalism and business aspects
  4. Explore building “sister” association and professional association relationships, sharing programs and events
  5. Establish outreach committee — delegate duties


Program Chair

  1. Work with chapter to build, plan and schedule programs
  2. Coordinate event preparation, execution and wrap up
  3. Handle rentals space , equipment and coordinate with the Treasurer and board for approval
  4. Coordinate event needs with Communication, Outreach, Membership and Volunteer chairs
  5. Seek volunteers



  1. Update the board list (and report changes to national staff)
  2. Chapter newsletter quarterly
  3. Online communications — web access
  4. Support Outreach communications to the community
  5. Distribution of newsletters or web information to community contacts and membership
  6. Establish a Communications committee — delegate.


Volunteer Chair

  1. Create a volunteer committee & delegate tasks
  2. Build interest in the community — announce at meetings any volunteers activities and invite participation
  3. Organize volunteer activities to help promote and execute chapter events and activities
  4. Work with Outreach, Communications, Membership chairs & board members


Assistant Training Chair

  1. Build an assistant training committee
  2. Create training programs and interface with chapter promotions, events, needs
  3. Connect with local suppliers & manufacturer reps about training participation
  4. Create training “boot camps”
  5. Work with Outreach, Communications, Membership chairs & board members


Other Potential Ideas:

Associate Board Member Committee


Advisory Board:

  1. Past Presidents and Board members — Keep them engaged
  2. Keep them in on chapter-board online communications


Other ideas?