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Press Release

October 21, 2009


Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director, ASMP
American Society of Media Photographers
Phone: 215 451 2767


Monumental Miami Meeting Builds Momentum For Unification

Half Dozen Photographer and Archive Trade Associates Discuss Means to Achieve Common Goals


Miami, FL (October 21, 2009) -- During the afternoon of October 16, 2009, six trade associations representing more than 50,000 photographers as well as 800 agencies and archives across UK, Europe and North America, gathered to pursue an open dialogue. This historic meeting took place merely hours prior to the opening of the 14th Annual Picture Archive Council of America's International Conference.


Attendees at the summit included: Picture Archive Council of America (PACA), The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Coordination of European Picture Agencies (CEPIC), British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA), American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP), and Stock Artists Alliance (SAA), which is now a part of the Association of Visual Artists (AVA).


While the topics were complex, the purpose was simple: to outline means for collaboration during a difficult time. It is no secret that several key issues threaten the health of the industry.


Throughout the conversation each trade association reviewed its mission and discussed top concerns.


The associations came to the following conclusions:

  • Unanimously agreed that it was critical to keep each other updated on a regular basis about developments that are impacting their members.
  • Agreed that they have common interests to pursue on the Google Books Settlement, and they all have interests in the progress or lack of progress in Orphan Works legislation.
  • Agreed, in the interests of photographers and agencies, to keep each other informed about developments with publishers and to work together to help promote uniform licensing practices with the publishers on a national and international level.
  • Each association has educational programs targeted at different audiences. They all agree that the abuse of the ability to right click and usurp an image online is something to combat together.


Leaders from ASPP, ASMP, PACA and SAA will gather again next week at PhotoExpo Plus. Coming to the table will be trade associations representing another 30,000 photographers in the effort to gain further common ground.


For more information contact:
Cathy Aron, Executive Director, PACA --
Eugene H. Mopsik, Executive Director, ASMP --
Cathy Sachs, Executive Director, ASPP --
Shannon Fagan, President, SAA (now a subgroup of AVA) --
Sylvie Fodor, Executive Director, CEPIC --
Simon Cliff, Executive Director, BAPLA --